I know all this brand your blog, consistent visual brand identity sounds pretentious but actually is something really that simple.

It’s something we have in ourselves.

We use it every day when we dress up, we fit every piece of clothing, sometimes even with our partner. When you decorate your home or prepare a fancy dinner or a party. Even in our small tasks we are careful to be everything in its place.

See ? We have that instinct to create a vibe. To transport a feeling in reality by colors, materials and objects.

You can be inspired by trends, but in the end, you have to let that instinct to flow from you, and create your unique brand.

Now, If you start your blog just to make money, and sell on your blog everything under the sun, just because is profitable, and of course your blog is all stuffed up with ads. Don’t bother yourself, your blog is like a supermarket and you can’t brand a supermarket.

But if you treat your blog like a career, your small business (at the beginning), and want to make a name, then absolutely you need to brand your blog like every other serious business.

How do you know your blog is branded?

When sharing images on social media, people have to know automatically that they came from you. Because they already visited your blog, get that feeling and now recognize it.

Of course, you can start with a feeling for your blog and in time can change. Learn more, you develop, change your tastes, you want more. That’s what we call a rebrand. When you are not anymore enchanted with your brand.



Not for nothing is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the images are almost everything when we talk about the brand. If you have an ugly picture, the world does not even bother to read your content. They will keep searching until find something with an appealing image. So you need to step up your game when it comes to images.

And as if it’s not hard enough to have a lot of pictures that look like they were made by a professional photographer, though you’re obviously not a professional photographer…

All your pictures must be in harmony, have the same colors and the same style but still be different and bring something new.


When I thought to explain the importance of a logo, I was burst out to laughter. Is very important a logo, is our name, to be frankly. But some of us are called by our father, who has been called after his father and so on for several generations as if our parents had been hard to think of a specific name for us. No offense for those who really mean something special.

In terms of logo this means you put your blog title in the Site Identity and that’s your logo. I’m not sure how you manage to use that logo on your images through your social media.


Like I use to say “Brand fonts are like perfumes, our signature, the finishing touch “. We do not all wear perfume, for some women the perfume may be irrelevant. I know you survive without perfume, and it’s more of a fad. But the beautiful smells put me in a good mood. And I want my kids and my husband to recognize my smell and enjoy it.

So yeah, your choice if you invest in a font for your brand.


It’s true that a good design can put your images and content in a good highlight. Just as a bad design can make your images look flat.

But to be honest, no design in the world, no matter how good it may be, can not make your unclarified, poor quality and boring photos leave you breathless. So don’t expect great miracles from a theme. Still , you have to choose a theme that will match your brand.



It will be really mean from me, after I satirize that all on your blog is wrong ,to leave you like that.

So do not worry . I will share with you my techniques.

But don’t get too excited, I’m not some kind of an expert, is just my experience and my taste. ????




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