Celebrating Love – Romantic Theme

I want to pick all the dead flowers growing in your heart, to take all the sadness away and plant lovely lilacs and roses covering every inch of your soul , to give you all the happiness that someone as lovely as you deserves.



With flowers cascading from the trees above, wooden benches for guests to sit, centerpieces appearing to be growing out from the table, this was the ultimate romantic wedding scene.

Bella trembled a little, and Edward took her hand, hoping to infuse a sense of calm into her.

I, Edward Cullen, take you Isabella Swan, to be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, my faithful partner, my love from this day forward…

A tear rolled down Bella’s cheek and there was silence all around. “Bella,” Edward said, “It is your turn now ” . When she didn’t move, Edward moved in closer. “Did you change your mind?” he whispered in her ear.

Edward, I don’t have the ability to remember things as well as you do, so I wrote it down to read to you.
I, Isabella Marie Swan, take you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to be my beloved husband…

Before Angela’s dad could continue with the ceremony, Edward grabbed Bella and they kissed, with all of the love and sweetness their words had earlier shown. The minister cleared his throat again. “We will get to that in just a minute.”




  • Fresh Design – Like white flowers and lots of leafy greenery with touches of moss.
  • Romantic Details – Calligraphy font & graphics
  • Natural Color Theme – Green, white, and brown combination.
  • Theme Template – Photographer, a beautiful way to display your photos.
  • Style – Romantic, Clean & Woody


I am a love story type of girl, an old soul that believes in chivalry , romance and love.

If you like my sketch, stay in touch for the theme release, till then  read my blog for blogging advice and freebies or check out my other work.

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