When you want a unique website for your business, you need custom web design services. For Custom Web Design I don’t use templates or pre-defined limits — I’m guided by your goals and your inspiration to create a unique website that you love so you can start living your day dream.



The starter package

It is a fully-custom website design that’s perfect for anyone who is just starting out. The price varies between $800 – $1200, depending on site requirements and complexity.


Gorgeous Homepage | Blog & Archive Page | Other 3 unique Pages ( About, Contact, Portofolio) | Styled Stock Photo & Graphics that will match your Brand | Personalized Opt-in Forms | Domain & Web Hosting | WordPress Installation | Detailed Instructions and Support

The full package

A complex site with Primary & Secondary Logo Design, Submark/Watermark and Posts Signature. The package starts at $ 1200 and reaches up to $ 1,500 for site with an online shop.


Gorgeous Homepage | Basic Logo Design | Blog & Archive Page | Up to 5 styled Pages | Personalized Opt-in Forms | Styled Stock Photo & Graphics that will match your Brand | E-COMMERCE | Domain & Web Hosting | WordPress Installation | Detailed Instructions and Support

Every site is build and tested on a separate staging site to make sure everything works; and once all content styling is finalized and the client approved,the site will then be transferred to the client’s live site.


If you received your offer and we agreed to work together, you can follow the steps below


Step 1 : Accept the quote

If you approve my project offer, you will have to pay a $ 100 tax that will be deducted from the final price so I can be sure we work together. After you have made the down payment, I will send you the link to my Design Questionnaire, which you must fill out completely and in detail. And we will talk in detail about the project.

You will also be asked to create a Pinterest board of your visual inspirations.

Pay the fee

custom web design
custom web design

Step 2 : Decide the Design

I’ll collect the data from your completed design questionnaire and your Pinterest board. You will have to send me all the content you want to include in the design. This includes text, images/graphics, and other information as needed.These elements which you will provide for inclusion in your design project must be your property or must be property that is used with prior permission. Adalaine Design shall not be held liable to any copyright infringement issues that may arise from the client’s misuse of copyrighted property.

After you have provided materials, I will begin working on two design options for you to choose.

You must select an option that can be reviewed until you are absolutely satisfied with the design.

Step 3 : Design work start

Once you give your approval on a design I will begin working on your project. At this point you will pay a 50% downpayment from the order via PayPal.The remaining balance will be due when the design is ready to be installed on your site.

After you have made the down payment, I will start with the developement. I will build your site on a separate staging url so you will be able to see my work live and we will consult our opinion.

I will send you an e-mail with your balance through PayPal, which I ask you to pay in no time.

custom web design
custom web design

Step 4 : Go Live

The fourth and final step of our Design Process is the Final Design Proof and Payment of the Balance. I will send you the link with the final project and your final balance via PayPal. You will have one week to preview the design on the test site and request for any additional edits to the layout of the pages.

Once the final balance has been paid and I will have your approval for design, I will complete the project. Install the Design on your site and anything else we’ve agreed .

and I hope… You keep looking at your screen & You can’t believe it’s your site…

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