Create Instagram Stories Highlights Covers (+ Free Highlights)

Since your Instagram Stories Highlights are located directly below your Instagram bio, the center of your profile,  you’ll want to ensure that they stand out and support your brand.

A great way to do this is by creating cohesive Instagram Stories Highlights covers that align with your brand! Lucky for you I started a series about how to make and sell digital products. So, I will show you step by step how to do it. I even attached 18 beauty icons, a circle frame, and a metallic rose gold texture. That’s how you can practice along with me.

And another good news!  At the end of the post, you can download for free the Instagram Stories Highlights I created for this demo.

You can use the icons and the texture to create another Instagram Stories Highlights for sell. But you can’t sell, the ones I provide for free. They are only for personal use.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. I will always only recommend brands I trust and ones I think you’ll love too.


If you already read other articles of mine, you can see that I use PicMonkey as graphic design software. Usually, I make my graphic designs with Photoshop, but it’s a bit overwhelming for newbies. And has too many features for somebody who only want to make graphics. Thus, Picmonkey is the best option to go for. Easy to use, built-in templates, affordable price. I give it a try and I think it’s worth the money. Besides making all your graphics for your blog and social media, you can easily make beautiful digital products to sell, like the ones below. Or freebies for your subscribers. And save a lot of time.


Now that everything is settled, we can start with the real stuff.

1.First thing first. Download the package I prepared for you. My beauty icons, a circle frame, and a metallic rose gold texture. Of course, you will need to search for more icons and texture. You can find free or buy some at a low price. But for now, we can create this beautiful Instagram Stories Highlights with my package and Picmonkey.


2.If you do not already have a Picmonkey account, you can Sign-up for a free trial. You can see what is all about and decide if it is for you or not. If you have a Picmonkey account, login to your account.



Instagram Stories Highlights

This is the interface. Simple and practical. Has 3 big section:

  • Auto-saved to my Hub – All the graphics you will create will be auto-saved so you can use them later for other designs.
  • Featured Templates – Here is where you can find a lot of beautiful templates ready to use.
  • College layouts and blank canvases – Blank Canvases for social media, etsy shop, universal sizes , no more searching for cover facebook size. Or you can make a custom one.


How to Create Instagram Stories Highlights Covers


To get started, go to College layouts and blank canvases and click on the See all blanks link. Scroll down until you find Instagram stories.



We land in here, the editor interface. The place where all the magic happen.🦄 And we should start because right now, all we have is a white background. Not magic at all.



The first thing you can do is convert the background into a layer and add color. If you make INSTAGRAM STORIES HIGHLIGHTS for yourself, add the color of your brand. So it will sustain your brand. Otherwise, choose whatever you are in the mood for.


Or you can add an image like background. It can be a marble, glitter, watercolor texture. Or just splashes, png is also accepted. Add as many images as you like, combine them with color and create something beautiful for the background.



When you are happy with your background, we can pass to the next phase. The message of your highlight. Here I will use icons, but I will show you later how to add text instead of icons. Click on Add an image right above the window with LAYERS and add an icon from your computer. You can modify the size and position of your icon with click and drag.



It’s time to add some decoration in here. PicMonkey has a collection with graphics included, and you can change their color, size, texture and so on. Now, if you want to add a graphic click on the fifth sign in the left bar. The icon with graphics. And a list with types of graphics will show up, and a button to add your own image.If you click on a type, other sublists will show.


I used my own graphic, you can find it in the zip folder from the beginning. To add your own graphic either use the button add your own image from GRAPHICS or the classic way to add an image.

For INSTAGRAM STORIES HIGHLIGHTS, always make the message as big as possible and centered, if you want to look good on Instagram. Not how you see in my image, the decorative graphic is too small.



Now for the final touch, metallic rose gold texture. To add a texture you must always be careful what you have selected in LAYERS windows. The texture will be added to the selected item.


In LAYERS window, select the layer for the elements you want to add texture. Then, on the left bar, press the seventh icon, for Textures. Here you can add your own textures or you can use one of them. The options are unlimited because you can find a lot of beautiful free textures or buy some at a low price. And there are textures for almost everything. You can add even a photo if the graphic is big enough and looks good.

What’s important here is the Fade. I set my Fade to 0% so my texture will be seen crystal clear. If you move up and down the Fade, you will see what I’m talking about.

If you want to add the same texture to multiple layers You can select them by holding down the CTRL key. Then follow the same procedure to add texture.


It’s not necessary to set the fade to 0, sometimes, if the texture is very bright, it can look better to set a small fade.



And your first Instagram Story Highlight is ready. At the top of the page, is the EXPORT link, if you click on it you will have options to save your work to your computer.

After you save your work you will want to go ahead with the others Highlights. All you have to do is just delete the icon, add the next one with Add an image, select the icon and add texture.

Don’t forget to save every one of them. And after you finish your first Highlight, give it a try on Instagram before continuing with the others.



Let’s say you don’t want your Highlights with icons, you want text instead. Or want some with icons and some with text. No problem, you can easily add text.

In the left toolbar you have Tt, the fourth button. Click on Tt and options for text will appear. Every time you want to add a different text you have to add another TEXT BOX.

So, click on ADD TEXT BOX. Choose your font family, color, size, weight and style. Then, you can move and resize the text box with click and drag. When you resize the text box, the font will NOT increase or decrease, only the space allocated to text. If you want to change the font size, use Size on the right.



To add texture to your text is the same procedure as adding texture to a graphic.

Select the text, click on texture, add your own texture, set the fade and apply.


And of course, at the end EXPORT your work before you start making any changes. If you don’t click on create new every time, in the system will be saved only the last one.


And we made till the end. Now is supposed that you know how to make gorgeous INSTAGRAM STORIES HIGHLIGHTS. Don’t worry if you don’t rock it from the beginning. Practice will make you professional. And if you are interested in other digital products, stay close with my make and sell digital products series.



free Instagram Stories Highlights

Since I already made this INSTAGRAM STORIES HIGHLIGHTS COVERS for the demo. I added them to MY COLLECTION OF FREEBIES.

If you like how it looks, hit the download button below, and get instant download. Use it for your personal use or share it with your friends.


If you go into troubles when creating your INSTAGRAM STORIES HIGHLIGHTS, leave me a comment. I will love to hear from you. Anyway, I hope this inspires you, to get on the work and do your magic.




Instagram Stories Highlights

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