Premium styled stock photos library ???? ? Fancy’s all it is, right? Well, not really. Because at least if you are not a photographer, event planner, travel , fashion or food blogger to have your own photos. I don’t know how to manage to have everyday new beautiful photos.

I mean , yeah, you can have a nice styled workspace and house . But who has the time to learn how to make photography? And money to invest in a professional equipment. Because your photos doesn’t look polished at all. Then arrange the shooting, find always new corners. I want to be a web designer and a blogger not a photographer.



There are a lot of free stock photos on the internet for commercial use. Good point. My first 3 month of blogging I’ve searched like crazy everywhere on the internet for photos. A lot of hours on a day . Not kidding. Even subscribed to all the premium stock photos to recieve their free photos. Was literally speaking , beating around the bush.

I want my blog and digital products to look like a CHANEL store, bright , fancy with all the colors aligned. Not a supermarket. No offense for free photos, free stock photos websites also have some good photographers, some photos are certainly beautiful. But they are not from the same movie. I tried to put them together, edited them with Photoshop, make them have the same theme of color, brightness, saturation, exposure. Lost cause. I don’t have the time for this. And it’s not even a completely satisfactory outcome.

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Imagine, after I struggle with photos , when I subscribed to a premium styled stock photos library. It was like having a new, empty wardrobe, and someone gave me all the CHANEL spring-summer & autumn-winter collection, all my measure. I was finally able to enjoy my work, to wake up in the morning excited. My blog began to look the way I dream about.

Of course, I change my blog regularly, because I get bored quickly and I can afford it, I do not have to hire someone. But now I enjoy it, I can do any design, I have photos.



Believe me, a membership for a premium stock photos library deserves all the money. It’s like you being Cinderella, beautiful, smart and hard-working girl but without a proper introduction the prince will never fall for you. You know what I mean?

So if you don’t want to work hard all your life for others. Go get yourself a premium stock photos membership, fix yourself up and get out there. The world would adore you.


Haute Stock

From all the photography membership sites that exist HAUTE STOCK is my favorite. Obviously, their photos are all over my site. I do not know what to say, they get into my heart. Rachel has such a great style. Like little black dress with white pearls. Not that her pictures are boring or something, on the contrary. They are clean and fresh with a touch of feminine.

stock photos

And the price is more than good. You can choose from a A QUARTERLY plan (every 3 months) for $99 or ANNUAL for $299. I know it’s sounds pricey at first sight , but if you do a few calculations. Once you sign up and become a member, you will have instant access to the complete stock library (3000 images). You have unlimited downloads – so you can use as many pictures as you need. And new images are added on a weekly basis every Monday. So we talk about a lot of images. If you buy a collection with 20 photos you will pay at least $25.



And another photography membership site that I like is STYLISH STOCK SOCIETY. Here you will find beautiful , vibrant, colorful images. More like a party girl, with a shiny dress and very accessorized. But it also has soft feminine photos.

stock photos

What’s interesting at STYLISH STOCK SOCIETY is that they have a LIFETIME PLAN $395 or you can purchase the collections separately. And the usual plans,of course, QUARTERLY(3 months) for $75 and ANNUAL $225. Same story, when you sign up and become a member, you will have instant access to the complete stock library (1800 images). And 50 images are added every single month.



Now, if you really don’t need such amount of photos or the price is really big for you, I have a board on pinterest with beautiful collections of photos, from different sites but still at a affordable price.

stock photos


And my collection of best sites with free photos. When I need some travel photos or food ????. There are a lot of sites but a lot of them are just a waste of time, the same photos copied from other sites, outdated images, tasteless, unfriendly colors and so on.

stock photos


I will never-ever blog again without a stock photos library. It’s not worth the stress. And blogging is supposed to be a dream job, not a disappointing one. If you don’t enjoy your blog, no one will.

Assuming that you have made the good choice, and now you have a lot of beautiful pictures at your disposal, read about how to brand your images. Meaning , the practical part, when you use the stock images to support your brand.





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