Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

You heard all the story about bloggers who make a lot of money from home, all that boss girls, female ambassadors, with lots of money for shoes and traveling. You’re tired of going to work, doing something you do not like for someone else and having no money to live your dreams. It was about time.

So you want to start a blog.

Before getting started, ask yourself why you want to start a blog. If your goal is just to make money online, honestly blogging might not be the best choice for you. There are hundreds of ways of making money online and blogging is one of the harder ones.

Blogging takes time and effort. Successful bloggers are patient enough to keep working on their blogs for a long time but it’s worth it.

Blogging is a business in itself ! You can share what you love and inspire others, work with brands and build your own empire, is a full time job.

Assuming that you are that kind of girl who goes for what she wants and hard work doesn’t scare you, You will need to know some terms that bloggers use, like self-hosted, domain name, blogging platform.



Hosting, self-hosting, free-hosting, what is this hosting ?

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when you start a new blog is how you will host that blog. Actually is not that big because for me is very clear, self-hosted 😀 . Hosting it is the virtual home for your blog, like your home for your furniture.

Self-hosted means the house is yours , you can make whatever you want, you are in complete control, of course for a monetary fee. As you know, you can buy a small house with the neighbors attached to you that always bothers you or a big house with a large yard where many people can visit you.

Free hosting means you stay at a friend, you can put your clothes in his closet, you can use his shower and towels but the house is already busy you just get comfortable as far as possible and you are very aware all the time that you are just visiting for a while because you can not do what you want.

So don’t make your blog feel silly, buy him a fancy house with a big garden where he can receive many visitors.



So you decided what kind of house, but where?
Introducing you >> the domain name

The domain name is actually the address where your blog can be found. Your domain name should be relevant to your business and give potential visitors an idea of what it is that you offer.



Next you need a agency from where to buy your house,
and this is a web host

There are plenty of web hosting all over the internet, but I will talk in more depth about what each one offers so you can choose the best one for your blog. However, my favorite is Bluehost, the number 1 recommended web hosting by



And finally you need furniture, that is a blogging platform

A blogging platform it’s nothing but a closet with hangers and shelves for your clothes. There are many blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are a few. It is important to note that a blogging platform(furniture) is different than hosting(house).

I use and recommend because is by far the most popular , and for good reason. Blogging is at the heart of WordPress. WordPress was designed and built for bloggers as a blogging platform so all the blogging capabilities and functionality are already built-in and waiting for you.



In order to start a blog, you will need all this things but please don’t search on google the most cheapest services without even looking what you will receive, because when you buy a house you don’t go into a agency and say: ” Give me the cheapest one” .

Sometimes, the cheapest can get to be the most expensive, it will make you invest a lot of money to make them fit what you need.


Next we talk about the options you have available and how to choose the best option.

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