Travel Journal – Sunsets and Great City

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.
The world is calling me, as if she knew me.

I have to travel to all the cities of the world, to see with my eyes all the old buildings, to hear the stories.
I want to see sunset all over the world, breathe fresh mountain air, be kissed by the sun in the sea breeze.

I’ve got a crush on the world.

I think I’m a migratory bird who travels when is warming up at home.

I dream of paved streets, open wooden windows with flower pots, strangers who speak other languages, and it’s weird but it feels like home.

I want to write in my journal

about the taste of the grapes in the vineyards of Tuscany,

the smell of roses in Paris,

how does sea water feels in Greece ,

and many other things I don’t even know about.


I love Mamma Mia movies, after you watching, even the trailer,it makes you want to spend the summer on the Greek islands, dancing, making memories.

And I like the kind of woman she represents, romantic but not afraid to live her life to the fullest even when life gets messy.


  • Wild & New Design – Like the feeling when you see a new city.
  • Journal Details – Cause everything you experiment in the world must be written in words.
  • Neutral Color Theme – The perfect background for colorful travel photos
  • Article Template – Greetings from Postcard
  • Style – Journal. Writer Girl.


Cause your mood should match your design.

If you are in the mood for a new adventure, all the time, see new place and write about them , I will develop a theme for the travel writer girl. Like a Travel Journal oline.

A theme for women wild and free,
with fire in her veins,
always in a mood for dance, having the time of her life,
the dancing queen.

If you are interested, check out the theme.

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