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It all started one morning, late spring morning, one of those days when roses are blooming absolutely and their smell fills the atmosphere.

The sun was barely racing, and the sky was painted in pink shades.

When that fresh smell of rose hit me, I thought… so that’s how it smells love, like Miss Dior.

And after that, all started to coming…



Inspiration – Pink in the air


And with Sia’s inspiring music in the background, and the amazing Natalie Portman in Paris,

all full of life, smelling of roses…

I started to sketch a design …


Design sketch

  • Clean & Fresh Design – Like a garden in the morning, when the dew is on the grass and flowers
  • Scented User Experience – The roses are bloom, Spring is in the air
  • Spirit of Couture Details – She wasn’t afraid to be herself, wild and free, like a piece of Art.
  • Shades of Pink Color Theme – When sun is barely risen, and the sky is painted in pink shades.
  • Calligraphy Font – Everything you do is a signature of yourself. So sign it with style.
  • Style – Modern Princess. Cinderella Girl. Beautiful and Hard-working


Rose si’l vous plait

Cause your ambition should match your design.

With all this in mind, I decided to go for a theme for Pink Lovers. All pretty girl working hard, long hours, tired nights, early mornings.

I will develop you a pink theme, which will make you feel the same as when you apply your fragrance before you leave home, confident and in love with life.


A theme for women liberated and strong,
the modern princess that she lives in the moment,
right now,
and has the spirit of couture.


If you like the sketch design, come and see my work.

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